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    Looking for Support Bracket

    I have installed a ASUS ROG-STRIX RX580 O8G gaming GPU.
    As you know this 3 fan card is quite long and I am unhappy with the strain put on the PCIe slot. I installed a support bracket from FS Labs....
  2. Tightening The Hold downs Corsair H100i ?

    Curious I have a precision 1/4" torque wrench that is calibrated in inch/pounds, if I used it to tighten the holds downs on the water pump section of my Corsair H100i on the CPU how tight in...
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    I have a related problem. I have just finished...

    I have a related problem. I have just finished assembling a PC with the Crosshair MB, AMD 9590, I have a single set of 2X8 gig sticks, Corsair Vengeance . I can use each of them one at a time but...
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