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  1. TQ so much Chris & Lekkerlanglikken. Yes the 2.4G...

    TQ so much Chris & Lekkerlanglikken. Yes the 2.4G band is on default settings, I will give it a shot to change to 40 instead of 20/40.

    It works well last time with my GT AC 5300 with default 2.4G...
  2. GT AX11000 - 2.4G issue & Protected Management Frames

    hi everyone,
    Just purchased GT AX11000 last week. Noticed issue with 2.4G band as it is vastly unstable with slow speed and very poor coverage. I will notice the issue when my smart home devices...
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    Sticky: New joiner - AX11000 owner

    hi everyone,
    I'm JeeNee from Malaysia previously owned a GT AC 5300 which both 2.4G & first 5G bands failed just after 1 year of using it. Decided to get GT AX11000 for future proof for many years...
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