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  1. Urgent ! Need your suggestions ..battery drained even if i'm not using it gl503vd

    Hi, last time I post about my battery drained too fast. Now I experience that if ever I full charged my battery and shut it down. The following day, it drained or it goes down to 30 %. I decided to...
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    Asus rog gl503vd battery life

    Hi, I just bought my new laptop Asus ROG gl503VD. But within in a span of 40 mins the battery life goes down. I tried to back the product to the store where I purchased it. But they said that there's...
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    Urgent GL503VD battery life

    I just bought Asus ROG GL503VD last month, I've noticed that the battery drained too fast. I dont know what to do, i'll try to explore my laptop but i didnt find any answer to solve this issue. In...
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