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    Just got my G550JK and got a couple questions

    Question 1:does the Laptop come pre-installed with ROG Wizard and Maxx Audio? - the only ROG software i have on mine is ASUS ROG Gaming Mouse. If there not supposed pre-installed where can i get them...
  2. Did you Buy the laptop from a store or online? ...

    Did you Buy the laptop from a store or online?

    If online did the pictures show a QWERTY keyboard
  3. Model in Question?

    From what i know the model in question has not been released yet and is to be released on the 20th of July.
    Is that the same model as the one in Question?

    I believe the model in Question is this...
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    ASUS ROG G550JK-DS71 Keyboard

    I have been looking to my a laptop for myself for the first time and have found that the ASUS ROG G550JK-DS71 fits what i want for a good price. The only issue I have is that i'm unsure on what...
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