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  1. Hello wmakaiwi, yes I tried all possible methods,...

    Hello wmakaiwi, yes I tried all possible methods, pressing the clr_cmos button, removing the cmos battery and leaving it for hours. :'( i was reading other posts with adaptive and offset, they were...
  2. PC won't POST nor go to BIOS after changing CPU voltage to adaptive mode + offset

    Hello, I've been playing with overclocking for a while but it looks like a made a wrong setting and now it wont even take me to post and enter the BIOS. What I did was the tuning my overclocking then...
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    Asus GPU Tweak won't detect my GPU Card

    Hello I'm using a g750JS, and have a 870M graphics. I would like to try to OC but when 'm about to use Asus GPU Tweak it does not detect my GPU Card. I have seen other posts, that their graphics is...
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