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  1. Had the same problem after reinstalling windows10

    I know this is an OLD thread, and you probably either got it fixed, or got a new laptop, it is that old.

    But I had the same problem after my brand new laptop went to **** within one week of...
  2. Since I live in the Philippines, there is no such...

    Since I live in the Philippines, there is no such thing as advertising really, and the stores are mom&pop stores, with no returns after 7 days, they are out of the loop. Yes, I thought that it was...
  3. Thanks for the ideas, and actually firefox has a ...

    Thanks for the ideas, and actually firefox has a sync function as well, and I have tried to use that in the past, and it destroyed the current profile I had been running, so needless to say, I don't...
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    Provided link goes to generic page, no game center download there

    My pile of crap ROG_GL553VD (pretty sure I know what the VD stands for), died one week after purchase. Yes, I know it was the bottom of the barrel "rog" gamer, but I did expect it to play games, this...
  5. GL553VD, had to do fresh install of OS, need Asus programs, Asus support

    Since I just barely had this laptop for a week, and was still working on getting rid of the bloatware that was installed, I did not set up the back up just yet. I took a break from configurations to...
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    I have similar partitions, and the mcafee ate the GAME FIRST program as a virus

    I have not had a Win10 computer before, so I don't know if these partitions are normal, and I am having trouble finding any information on this. My laptop is a pile of crap, out of the box. It is...
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    ZX553VD-DM970T Gaming laptop

    First, I know that this is supposed to be an entry level gaming laptop, at the ridiculous prices of ROG products in the Philippines, this was a stop-gap purchase for me.

    I would however expect...
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