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  1. ASUS representative told me monitor will be fixed at their cost!

    The best outcome I could have hoped for happened about 15 minutes ago. I called customer support and they reviewed my case and said that they will be repairing the monitor at their cost. Now I just...
  2. Woke up to a $595 invoice.

    Today, I woke up to ASUS sending me an invoice to repair the damage they caused to my monitor either in repair or with bad packaging that totaled almost $600. Of course, I disputed the invoice, but...
  3. After sending my monitor back to me broken, claiming customer induced damage for RMA.

    This regards a PG279q.

    To add to my RMA nightmare, I just got an email from ASUS saying that customer action needs to be taken due to CID/OOW.
    Except, the reason why I even needed another RMA...
  4. Monitor RMA received back with new physical damage and display issues.

    I posted a thread in general discussion about my recent experience with my RMA and was directed to post here.

    The monitor in question is an ASUS PG279Q IPS Panel 165Hz G-Sync display.

    Two days...
  5. Sent in my monitor for RMA, got it back with a damaged bezel and broken display.

    So two days ago I received my RMA back from the service center in California. Excited because I was able to have my monitor again, I plugged everything back in and powered it up.

    Except, when the...
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