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  1. Adata XPG SX8200 Pro Compatibility with Maximus Hero IC

    Hello: I recently installed an ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB into my Maximus Hero IX motherboard, replacing my prior SSD sata bot drive. *At boot I set the bios settings to x4 as instructed at boot for...
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    Thanks i got it now. I appreciate the help!

    Thanks i got it now. I appreciate the help!
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    I have been to that download page several times...

    I have been to that download page several times .. the software is NOT there under WIndows 10 64 bit or any other OS that I entered. Perhaps I don't know what its called but I saw nothing called AI...
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    Where to Download AI Suite 3 ?

    Hello I have an ASUS Maximus Hero IX and would like to download the current version of AI Suite 3 -- I can't find a copy on the website. Any help? Thanks.
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    Hello: This is a little off topic but I can't...

    Hello: This is a little off topic but I can't post a new thread -- where do I get AI Suite 3 to download? I received it at some point with the MB Maximus Hero IX but I uninstalled it and want to...
  6. I have this same error for a Maximus Hero IX...

    I have this same error for a Maximus Hero IX board running an i7 6700 CPO and ASUS ROG STRIX GTX 1070 GPU. But the link provided above for the AI Suite beta is broken. I agree that the issue started...
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    SupremeFx Not Running and Cannot Find IT

    Hello: On my build since inception the SupremeFx sound management software would pop up when I plugged in a new audio device such as a headphones. The software seemed to be helpful because when it...
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    Hi -- what utility should I look at to see if My...

    Hi -- what utility should I look at to see if My card is running at 16x? I have Maximus IX Hero and ASUS ROG strix GTX 1070. Thanks

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  9. Thanks Chino, I appreciate the advice and...

    Thanks Chino, I appreciate the advice and information. Follow up question: you suggested saving my OC settings --- will my saved OC profiles in the Bios remain there or are they wiped with the CMOS...
  10. Should I Update Bios on Maximus IX (March 2017)

    Hello: *I have a Maximus IX setup new just a month ago and there is a bios update that just came out a few days ago. I haven't seen any patch notes to say what the update does and whether it's...
  11. Thread: .rbr file

    by shiney

    Also Cannot Save or Upload RBR file

    I appreciate the attempt to explain this problem but its not helping me. I was not given any option as to how to save or record the file. The results are generated as a txt file and that is the...
  12. [Bug Report] Cannot Upload RealBench Scores to ROG Website

    Hello: This is a repeat question but I haven't received any solution yet and I think there must be one out there. Some others have posted on this issue as well, also with no answers posted. The...
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    Screen prints of what I see when running RealBench

    Here is a screenshot of the Zip folder where Realbench resides and a s/s of the program showing the upload option disabled -- this is even after I have successfully logged in. There is no means for...
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    Same problem

    I have the same problem But also with an error message "unable to parse results" -- anyone know how to fix this*this?* Thanks
  15. How did you fix it?

    I have the same exact problem so I would love to know how you fixed it?
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    Hello: Thanks for your help. I have an ASUS ROG...

    Hello: Thanks for your help. I have an ASUS ROG Maximus IX Motherboard (and ASUS GTX 1070 graphics card). I cannot send screenshots until late tonight, but in case it helps answer this: when I go...
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    How Do I Upload Scores

    Here's a real Newb question: How do I upload my score? I downloaded RealBench (2.44) but the upload functions are inoperable. If I have to upgrade the software to a pay version I have not found any...
  18. Advice for Settings on AI Suite Dual Intelligent Processors 5 Way Tuning

    Hello: I have been fiddling with the auto-tuning function in the AI Suite III - "Dual Intelligent Processors". I am a novice at OC so not sure about the settings. I have tried this with a target of...
  19. Thanks!

    Thanks! Very helpful information.
  20. Thanks .. if I only have SATA is there any reason to prefer the M.2 or avoid it?

    I ask because I have heard that M.2 can have heat problems on the motherboard if it has no specific cooling such as its own radiator or fan.* I'm dirssing the off-board 2.5 SDD which is placed on the...
  21. Two Technical Questions on Maximus IX Hero - PCIe and M.2 slots

    Hello I have two questions for a new build based on the Maximums IX Hero relating to PCIe and M.2 memory slots. I am trying to complete the build this weekend and need to make some choices, so any...
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    Sticky: Introduction

    Hello: I am a returning middle-aged computer hobbyist ...after a long hiatus my most recent build is an ASUS Maximums IX Hero with AUSUS STRIX GTX 1070, iv7 6700 4.0Ghz., Corsair H100i V.2 cooler,...
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