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  1. Why sli

    why are you still using sli.. no games use it and even if it does and i bet it don't even use more 20% of the 3090 compacity.
  2. Resizable BAR

    Download and install GPU-Z

    Start GPU-Z

    Click on Resizable BAR (Enabled/Disabled)

    Check that all setting are cheack in BIOS to activate.
    (a list of requirments are listed, all need to be...
  3. Memory : Fclk

    Try you 3800 memory.

    Change to D.O.C.P.

    Change FCLK Frequency : AUTO to 1800 (1800 x 2 = 3800).
  4. Replies

    windows media creation tool

    Download and install.

    Make a fresh USB DRIVE installtion.
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    What going on here..??

    I have a ASUS crosshair VIII Hero (WIFI), AMD ryzen 9 5950x, 64GB..

    Iv updated to every BIOS with no problems, running ASUS Amory create, windows 11... no problems.. no blue screens of death...
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