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  1. Asus Strix Z370-E on-board RGB only on when pc is off

    Is there anyone here who owns an Asus Strix z370-e motherboard and has had trouble with the on-board RGB? I checked here on the ASUS forums and have not found my particular issue and no one has been...
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    No luck

    So I got home, took everything apart, checked connections.. All was connected correctly.
    Not sure why this is happening.
    I just want my LED to turn on and sync up with all of my other lights.
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    On When pc is in sleep mode or shut down. Not when on.

    Hi all,

    hate to bring this thread back to life but I run into a similar issue but not as simple.
    My LED turns on when pc is in sleep mode or shut down. Once it awakens or turns on, the LED goes...
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