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  1. Remove some memory first off reduce it to 32GB...

    Remove some memory first off reduce it to 32GB see if that works if it doesnt you may need to reseat your cpu. Id boot it at 64GB or 32GB of memory to start and leave it at 2133mhz until you finish...
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    Cannot Get Raid To Work

    My NVME 960 Pro 1TB in Raid 0 wont show up as a raid when i go to install windows 10 not even my regular drive wont show up.

    I have 2 Sandisk Ultra 2 500GB Raid 0 and 2 8TB Ironwolf PROs In raid 0...
  3. Trident Z RGB

    Trident Z RGB 3333mhz CL 16
  4. my setup

    1950x here 128gb ram 3333mhz speed but set at 2133mhz.

    Pump CPU Res RAD 360 60mm RES Pump

    Pump GPU RES RAD 480 60mm RES Pump

    stays at 28 to 29 mostly 30, 31 when oced at 4100mhz
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    Anybody have luck with Win 7 Install?

    Hi Everyone,

    Ive tried to install Win 7 Ultimate 64bit repeatedly with 17.30 drivers from AMD integrated and the minute the install pulls up my keyboard and mouse go dead. Ive all integrated the...
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