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    Can you change my thread name too?

    I just made a thread and need to change the title from" RAID 0 ON ASUS ROG ZENITH EXTREME ONLY FAST AFTER BOOTING???" to "Userbenchmark Program Causing RAID 0 to lose performance???"

    Here's the...
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    Have you tried overclocking those kits?

    I have similar memory kit and I'm just wondering have you tried OC? Higher frequency or preloaded configs in bios for your kit?
  3. Userbenchmark Program Causing RAID 0 to lose performance?

    Hi Guys. I have Asus Rog Zenith Extreme with a 1900x TR Processor and 32gb of Gskill Trident Z RGB RAM With 3 Samsung NVME Drives.

    After I boot into windows and run IOMeter at 32 bit Q Depth 1 MB...
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