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    G752VT Keyboard keycaps replacement

    My E and W keycaps are out of their place (hinges on the keycaps broke) (E for a while now and replaced it with a keycap that i dont use, W started today which made me make this thread since i use...
  2. Thanks, really appreciate your help.

    Thanks, really appreciate your help.
  3. hmmm, interesting, but i meant if the...

    hmmm, interesting, but i meant if the installation from the system "reset my pc" (remove everything and then the 2 options that are presented) and the creation tool usb would be the same
  4. 2 more small questions.

    Thanks for the help so far and, sorry, i might have phrased it incorrectly, when i say original state i didn't mean the windows version from back then, i want it to be as if i bought it now but of...
  5. G752VT Reset to factory state completely.

    Before i get people telling me to search my topic and look at stickies, i did, i just have some questions.
    What i want to do is fully reset and wipe my 2 drives (C which is SSD and D which is HDD)...
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