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  1. This does not help. It is nothing to do with...

    This does not help. It is nothing to do with corrupted account. I have tried this on another GX550 and the same issue happens. This must be an Asus issue.
  2. Anyone???

  3. GX550 Keyboard causing BSOD when switching accounts

    Hi All,

    I have 2 user accounts on my laptop, it is fully up to date including the keyboard firmware.

    If I log out of one account and log it to another then all is fine.

    If I switch between...
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    Screenpad Help GX550

    Hi All,

    So, the screenpad is good, but.....

    If im playing a game in full screen on the main screen, if I touch something on the bottom screen (Screen pad) it closes the full screen game and I...
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    GX550 Duo - 2nd Screen Apps

    Hi All,

    Is there a list of decent apps etc for the 2nd screen?

    For example, some kind of companion for call of duty games?

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