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  1. I followed your directions, but it still doesn't work.

    I already followed your directions and reinstalled at least 5x, but it still won't work. Whenever I have it installed, it's not outputting audio. Only when I turn off signal enhancements in the...
  2. My SS3 still doesn't work.

    Thanks for this! I did cleanup and reinstallation of the drivers as you mentioned, but I still couldn't get the SS3 to work. The audio works when I untick the enhancements in the sound settings. Any...
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    Sticky: How about fixing the Aura Sync app to work with...

    How about fixing the Aura Sync app to work with Philips hue properly?
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    ROG Spatha goes color crazy when charging!

    I have also experienced this problem. With the latest Spatha mouse driver, the color is supposed to be in green when full. However, it suddenly changes color in a split second. It's quite annoying...
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