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    3090 RTX FAN NOISE [Seeking Help]

    Been saving for months and after finally getting my hands into this beauty 3090 RTX.

    Asus treat me with this design flaw. Fans Vibrate or does the noise at 71% fan speed (LEFT AND MIDDLE).
    I can...
  2. 3090 RTX STRIX fan noise or rattling- MOST EXPENSIVE GPU Does this?!

    Since 2013 I use rog products.

    Till this day Im really disappointed for letting me down

    (Please check attached video to hear 👂 fan noise)*

  3. Fixed

    Thanks Fixed the issue Without any downgrades
  4. 2080 Ti Strix RGB isn't smooth in Armory Crate anymore [Video Attached]

    So after the recent Armoury Crate Updates , I have noticed that my 2080 Ti RGB acting odd , while the color transitioning very slow , or mixed and glitchy.
    I have attached a video shows my CASE RGB...
  5. Sticky: Please Update the Background in

    Please Update the Background in

    I can't believe this is an ROG , but you can't customize the theme ! which is ridiculous!
    Please feed my back if any update coming regard cosmetic...
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