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  1. Yes, I did the RAID through this (recreate in...

    Yes, I did the RAID through this (recreate in fact after mb changing). But I do not see my data. I thought that CTRL-I could have another functionality. In fact, as I remember, there were options for...
  2. Problem with recreating RAID after motherboard change

    I have problem with recreating RAID.

    I changed motherboard. Exactly this same model - ASUS MAXIMUS X. I have previously RAID-1 created with Intel RST options entered by CTRL+I on BIOS POST....
  3. not working for Intel Raid Storage Technology options during BIOS boot

    I can not enter RAID options during BIOS POST.
    (In fact during POST I see no more that ASUS ROG logo screen with "xx% overclock" and "press F2 or DEL to enter BIOS)
    Entering BIOS is no problem.
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