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  1. Reinstalling G752VT Windows 10-NVMe SSDs not detected by Windows setup, need drivers?

    edit: G752VT

    Hello all,

    I had to reinstall Windows due to an issue I was having, and upon reaching Windows setup, the SSD is not detected. The 1TB HDD shows up just fine, however.
  2. What are you pinging? It could be the other end...

    What are you pinging? It could be the other end instead of yours.

    If you're sure it's you, some gateways throttle wired connections, might want to check the settings in your router.
  3. Windows 7 Driver Compatibility - ASUS G752VT-DH72


    I have an ASUS G752 arriving tomorrow, which comes pre-installed with Windows 10. I am intending on downgrading the OS to Windows 7 x64, and was wondering if anyone knew if the...
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