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  1. Hello, Thank you, I dont know how I missed...


    Thank you, I dont know how I missed that. I swear I looked before but must have missed it. Works perfectly now thank you again
  2. GL504GV Nahimic Audio Driver for sonic studio 3


    Where is the Nehimic driver? I can't find one compatible with my laptop model. On the ASUS Driver and Tools download page Nehimic is a requirement for sonic studio 3. Which I could not...
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    G53JW HDMI connection to TV doesnt last

    Hello, I feel I have a very unique problem. I can stream bluray movie files, any web videos (netflix/youtube), and even a snes emulator to my tv no problem.
    The problem is when i run a modern game....
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    oh man i wish i had the funds and the expertise...

    oh man i wish i had the funds and the expertise to mod my g53jw, alls i want is a new Nvidia gtx 860m GPU, the 460 is amazing i can only imagine what the 860 is like
  5. ASUS G53JW-A1 running hot in metro 2033 redux

    I love this laptop, have been using it for years. only have had to reinstall windows once, i keep it really clean physically and software wise. however I have just recently started playing Metro 2033...
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