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    this is the DUMBEST post I have seen in along...

    this is the DUMBEST post I have seen in along time. not only OP's CAPS LOCK is stuck (which explains a lot) - it is about installation of macOS on ANY computer with VirtualBox. why are there morons...
  2. [G74sx] model without 3D -does it have IR emiter for glasses?

    so.. I am pretty sure, that the model I have has no 120Hz frequency, so it is not 3D capable.. but does it still have IR emitter?

    I have an opportunity to buy nVidia 3d Vision 2 glasses (without...
  3. any way to disable LEDs on G71V on Windows 7 64-bit?

    ..the software doesn't even start. :/ I've found some suggestions, like run it in compatibility mode and/or as admin, but nothing helped. I can't believe it was "too hard" for Asus to respect it's...
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    TV Tuner for G71V?


    I bought second-hand G71V and I love it (most of the time) ;)

    now.. I'm looking for any information regarding (internal) TV Tuner which will be compatible with it (i.e. is confirmed to work)...
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