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  1. ASUS b350-i gaming - white Q-Led after update to BIOS 4801

    After I updated the BIOS to 4801 the white Q-LED stays on after post - IF the PC is restarted. The PC boots fine - sometimes the colors of the display are distorted but after just opening the display...
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    Think twice

    Yesterday I updated my bios on an asus rog strix b350-i. I did use ezUpdate and followed.... Just after restart I got two beeps and the memory LED is red.....but my memory works fine on my gigabyte...
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    B350-i post error after bios update

    I have the b350-i and just updated the bios from 3803 to 4011 using ezUpdate in win10. After restart I get two biep and the LED for memory is red. The screen shows awkward colored rectangles like a...
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    Should have read that before

    First of all: I am the idiot! I7-3820 on a sabertooth x79 and I use Turbov Evo and I pushed all the sliders far to the right and I clicked apply!

    At first the system hang. Restarted it and...
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