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  1. Sticky: (not) very funny...

    Like exacly i mention in this post:

    I just talk to asus support...
  2. Sticky: maybe i just fixed this ****...

    I've installed 20.05.2016 realtek(R) Audio
    and what i did is just playing with audio speakers balance.

    I put left to max, right to zero
    and check right to max, and left to zero.
  3. Sticky: Guys please send some printscreens from your...

    Guys please send some printscreens from your device manager with driver version and date numbers.
    It will be very very helpfull
  4. Sticky: The same problem - GL504GM - sounds fades in and out

    In my GL504GM sound is f*** terrible!
    Sound fade in/out all the time.
    I was trying many many solutions and month ago i just make it done by reinstalling sound driver and removing nvidia most of...
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