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  1. Quad Channel Memory Kit works a treat

    Pleased to sat that Scan UK have replaced 2 x 16Gb Kits with one 32Gb Kit ..... Issue solved.
    Thanks for great advice :-)
  2. Told to Flash BIOS to an earlier version !

    I was told by 3XS support to :-
    - take out the 2 DIMMS that work & try the other pair, to eliminate the possibility that they could be faulty
    - Consider flashing the BIOS back to the version it...
  3. Thanks so much, Arne

    Top man, Arne & Matt :-)
  4. Yeah .... I usually buy from them, however I...

    Yeah .... I usually buy from them, however I don't think they are training their Sales people well.
    What I am finding VERY difficult is the 15 -30 min phone hold time for Customer Support !!
  5. Numbskull

    Sorry to be a numbskull ... I know very little about memory kits. I have tried to understand the Memory Kit thread.
    These were sold to me by Scan UK (Her Majesty's appointed dealer :-( as the real...
  6. Hero XI won't Boot

    I have the exact same issue but with 4 x 8Gb Corsair CMK16GX4M2B3000C15
    Whilst on BIOS version 0602, the Hero XI booted just fine & recognised the memory.
    Updating to BIOS 0805 killed booting.
  7. Thread: Deleted

    by ceefcee

    BIOS 0805 Caused Boot Issue

    I have 4 x 8Gb Corsair CMK16GX4M2B3000C15 installed in my ROG Maximus Hero XI. (i9 9900K Processor)
    The memory worked just fine whilst on BIOS 0602.
    Upgraded to BIOS 0805 & it refused to boot,...
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