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    Don't have SPDIF option in playback devices

    Hey all, so I don't have the SPDIF option in playback devices. I have removed most of Asus' bloatware, maybe that's the issue? Everything on tmy G74SX works great after the bloatware removal but I...
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    Also looking for Asus G74sx recovery disks

    Hey guys,

    I also cannot find any help online to create or buy these disks. Does anyone have any information on how to create/download/buy them for this ROG model?
    Thanks very much for any...
  3. ROG G74sx 304.48 Nvidia Drivers for the 560M Works!

    Yes! ROG G74sx 304.48 Nvidia Drivers for the 560M Works so far. Still think Asus' support/quality is the worst I've ever seen in a non-generic company though.

    ASUS... articles->guides is a dead...
  4. Not a bug or bad installation

    This is not a bug or bad installation. I've manually installed this driver myself (without) and do not use Asus utilities anymore after their unethical ways of updating (returning all your options to...
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