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    Rog Strix G731GT (G531GT) Ram Upgrade

    Hi, anybody had any experience upgrading the Ram on a ROG Strix G731GT? I'm considering an upgrade to 32GB.
    Checked on site and they recommend 2 x 16GB DDR4, 2666MHz, Non-ECC, CL19,...
  2. Armoury Crate G731GT

    Hi, checked my setup on a G731GT and tick boxes are there in Armoury Crate V2.6.4.0, they're pretty much the same machine as the G531GT(17" vs 15").
    Have you got latest app version and checked all...
  3. test with slow ram only

    Hi, try removing the faster module and test the speed when running the slower stick (in slot 1).
    Check the speed it runs at, If it's running at 2400, then it's probably an incompatibility issue...
  4. Short answer is no

    Hi, answer is no for the GT version

    "One Zone RGB lighting (GT/GU)

    4 Zone RGB lighting (GV/GW)"
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