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    ASUS Grid (BETA) ignored install options

    Hero Vii MB installed this on first boot, seemed like a good way to install the required hardware drivers so I ticked the driver column and clicked download and install and walked away.

    It also...
  2. Reseated CPU power cable, reseated RAM modules, ...

    Reseated CPU power cable, reseated RAM modules, Liberal use of compressed air.

    Left unpluged for 10 minutes,

    Getting low CPU fan speed warning now. but that's fine I'll work out what's...
  3. (SOLVED) - Q-Code 8 cant boot new system Formula vii wifi 2700x

    Brand new system,

    Motherboard powers on
    when powered on the MB immediately displays q-code "8" the second number display is not lit.
    I've flashed to the latest BIOS from the website "0509" ...
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    Product registration request at start up.

    I've registered the product.

    It shows as a registered product, though it wants me to activate a service package with a vip identifier I don't seem to have.

    Any ideas what is going on?
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