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  1. Enable ALWAYS ON USB Charging when PC is off.


    I am using a Z390-I miniITX ROG Strix board.

    Everytime i shutdown the pc, existing plugged in device will continue to charge.

    But when i plug another device in for usb charging, while...
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    Z390-i ai charging

    When my PC shuts down, the AI CHARGING stops charging my iPad & iPhone or other Mobile devices.

    Tested the charging cables with both RED, Blue and normal USB slots. Still same result.

    Asus ROG...
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    Z390-I GAMING & Armoury Crate

    Installed Armoury crate when first installed windows....

    The App auto quits when i select "TOOLS"

    I uninstalled the App, then reinstalled through Windows Store...

    Same problem. The App auto...
  4. If monitor connected via Display Port... You...

    If monitor connected via Display Port... You need to enter BIOS to enable CSM.

    BIOS can be displayed on HDMI connection.
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