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  1. I have it set but I only see 3 of my 4 Intel M.2 Sticks!? Help!

    I have been going down the parts list to make my bootable VRoC RAID to work!

    On some board, I saw you needed an ASUS Hyper x16 card and an Intel Key to see my two 2TB Samsung 970 EVO Sticks - No...
  2. The VROC key does NOT work - Other Solutions?

    Well, this has just been a very big waste of time - I know you say this is not an ASUS issue however, this should have been presented MUCH clearer that ONLY M.2 Drives from Intel would work - I...
  3. Asus Hyper M.2 x16 Card in Rampage VI

    I have ordered the Intel Standard Key and I will be able to test tomorrow if it works, with what I have I wanted one simple request that I have been doing on more powerful mobos in the past :

  4. Ordered VRoC Standard Key for RAID 0 Boot Drive with 2X 970 Samsung 2TB

    I should get my key tomorrow and this weekend I will test to see if I can get VRoC to working on my system - This has been painful since I had to pay Intel over $100 to get a key that SHOULD come...
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