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  1. ok i managed to repair

    It started working again but I had to uninstall armory crate and aura and reinstall them again doing a bios reset, hopefully it will last a long time, thanks
  2. sorry I don't understand, does this help you more?

    sorry I don't understand, does this help you more?
  3. Come back

    Come back, high two updates up
    armory crate and it's all gone I don't see Maximus XI Hero and RYUJIN anymore.

    asus framework is running, check on attached photo if an asus execution that could...
  4. here we go again

    I spoke too soon, I restarted the PC when I went to open RYUJIN and Maximus XI Hero this error appears, I have no words
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  5. thanks

    Thanks ASUS that you repaired everything today has started to work perfectly again, I have full control of the cooling ROG RYUJIN, of the Asus Maximus XI Hero card and all the lighting, to be able to...
  6. I managed to upgrade to version

    But the ryujin fan control, maximus XI Hero control and RTX 2080 STRIX still doesn't work, ASUS what do you do?

    Aura recognizes everything and works, Alleluvia
  7. version armorycrate

    But how do you get the version that I can't get beyond the version, I tried again to uninstall and reinstall several times but I don't move from this version
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