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  1. There are problems with the New Cpu sensor, the...

    There are problems with the New Cpu sensor, the temperature incrased and are not stabile, do you know something?
  2. ryzen threadripper temperature

    I have the same problem about cpu temp!!

    First the temp was 27 degress (with a Ekwb XE480mm radiator) and Now cpu temp are form 30 to 42 in idle (full load are the same, Max 60). I Think that...
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    X399 Zenith Extreme Error code 68, Helpppp

    Hello, today i have finished to assembling my pc

    Cpu: Amd Thrradripper 1950X
    Ram: TridentZ RGB
    Gpu: Titan Xp
    Psu: 1250W Grandplous+ RGB 80 titanium TT
    Custom Loop EkWb

    First pc has...
  4. Glitch Socket Foxconn

    I think i have discover the glitch about foxconn socket problem. You have to tighten screws 2 and 3 before 1 and then blocked all
  5. Socket problem

    With the first X399 Zenith i had a problem with 2 and 3 socket screws and Now the New X399 Zenith is arrived. If i will have the same problem,what can i do?

    The Socket Foxconn is not perfect
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