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  1. ROG Gladius III Wireless LightingService issue

    I have a Gladius III Wireless and I use the 2.4 dongle with the included adapter so that its connected to the cable. When I want to charge the mouse, I unplug the adapter from the charging cable and...
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    I've tried that 2 times already and it hasn't...

    I've tried that 2 times already and it hasn't worked so yeah idk what to do now.
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    G21CX aura kit update issue

    1. When I try to update my G21CX Aura kit, it fails the update and when I hover over the update button it says: "Failed to download file. Please check the network connection and try again. (Error...
  4. Solution

    ASUS has recently released a FW update to fix this problem and it worked for me.
  5. I have the same issue, but the factory switches...

    I have the same issue, but the factory switches in the mouse lasted for about 3-4 months, but about 2 weeks ago i changed them to the other pair in the box and my left click is registering a click...
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    0141 Firmware update for the ROG Delta

    So i have updated the ROG Delta firmware to 0141 a few weeks ago and i have been battling a problem since. The problem: audio crackles sometimes and has gotten a lot louder to the point that i had to...
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