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  1. what are this updates?

    The AURA SDK is a set of software libraries that can be used to control LED’s of ASUS AURA series devices, such as keyboards, mice, mother boards, and more (more what?). Might work similar to those...
  2. Customers QA Department, Hold Please!

    Fresh installation of Windows 11 Pro 22H2 on August 22, 2022, to fix Armoury Crate version 5.3.2. Fresh install of Armoury Crate version followed and It updated to Armoury Crate version...
  3. have all those turn off when the system shuts down?

    Advance\APM Configuration\ErP Ready\Enable(S4+S5).

    Note: When the computer is shutdown all USB ports will not work (charging). External devices using USB ports will no longer be powered on....
  4. me too


    And Armoury Crate/Aura Sync no longer sync devices, nor does Aura effects detect any devices. Armoury Crate has slow loading too (time increased before seeing anything).


  5. Thread: Post code 58

    by pndiode

    spring or coil bolts

    I hope it works! Back in the days with fan heat sinks, this happened sometimes with AMD CPUs, no problems with Intel CPUs.


    These days with AIO or CPU water blocks, the compression effect...
  6. Thread: Post code 58

    by pndiode

    replaced my Am4 main board aio

    Since the only thing you changed was the AIO (back plate too). You can try to loosen the four bolts around the CPU bracket one-quarter to half a turn each (spring or coil spring will still apply...
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    hidden by some caps

    Those are adhesive caps and can be removed by using a pin or dental tool with a sharp point. Use a very thin coating of all-purpose glue (the kind preschool children might eat) coating to re-attach...
  8. Armoury crate v5.2.12.0 / aura creator v3.4.3.0 [report here if any issues]

    Lost all Elite points, now ASUS wants me to Join Elite again!


    Oops! Already reported.
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    ASUS Your software is a disaster

    Not yet, Asus still has to include GPU Tweak III in Armoury Crate.
  10. identifying pinched cable

    Pinched cable goes to camera (EYE) on screen assembly.
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    Defective pump ARGB

    Lights white in breathing mode when connected to RGB (12V - 4 pin). No light when connected to ARGB (5V - 3 pin).
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    it only lights white in breathing mode

    Is the pump RGB cable a 3 pin or 4 pin cable? You might have got a mixed up AIO set (ARGB Fans and RGB Pump).

    Three pin ARGB (5v)

    Four pin RGB (12V)

    Four pin RGB (12V) are...
  13. how they function?

    No, due to PC Motherboard copyrights. About 40 years ago, motherboard manuals included a basic schematic diagram of the motherboard, but no longer at this time.

    The answers are out there and...
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    maximum memory is 24gb

    With 8GB soldered RAM, Max Memory is 24GB (Add 16GB Memory Module)
    With 16GB soldered RAM, Max Memory is 32GB (Add 16GB Memory Module)
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    i can't figure out

    You can try centering the disk on top of the fan. The disk might already be centered. The light angle might be playing tricks on my eyes. Lube or replace the fan.

  16. can I control my OLED Display without armoury crate?


    ASUS use to have a single software LiveDash utility for the older motherboards, but incorporated LiveDash in Armoury Crate for the newer motherboards along with all the other utilities that...
  17. Hmmm, that is a strange answer.

    I agree!

    For ASUS products still within the warranty period, it is highly unlikely that oxidation should occur. If any oxidation issues are occurring in a device under warranty, there might be a...
  18. Where is OC mode (BIOS) on my Strix 3080 OC?

    I do not have this graphics card, so I may be wrong.

    The performance mode and quiet mode only adjust the fan curve due to GPU temperature....
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    What is Armory Crate?

    ASUS utilities software jury/jimmy rigged full featured version and combined with bloatware.
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    What is F_USB connector on a motherboard?

    Just another name for USB, but now the F stands for front.

  21. Is there a way to change it?

    Nope! The ability to use the Function (FN) key is lost when using Aura Creator to change the LED brightness on the keyboard. The Function (FN) key works with Aura Sync standalone version, but one...
  22. just these 4?

    You are missing a lot!

    I do not know if you are using Windows 10 Home/Pro or Windows 11 Home/Pro.

    Did you install ROG Keyboard Firmware update tool (V2.4.1) and Refresh Service (Version 2.1.0)...
  23. Missing Dashboard and Device

    Check Service/HAL service version to see if some application is not installed.

  24. So I launched the windows Event Viewer and found this:

    Click on settings button below guy/girl with hoodie symbol (or chess piece bishop). Click on about tab. Then click on Check on right of Service version. More than likely Armoury Crate Lite service or...
  25. ASUS has gone dark about them

    More than likely, still testing to see if the OLED and RGB can last 3 years due to Armoury Crate or Aura Creator bugs (Aura Sync discontinued). OLEDs and RGB covered for 3 years warranty, but core...
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