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    streak1232, any tip how to get NVMe SSD recognized in M.2_1(Slot3)?

    Hello streak1232,

    I am facing exactly the same issue as you with exactly the same motherboard, CPU. Suddenly it does not recognize the NVMe SSD, if I put that NVM2 SSD on the riser card it works...
  2. NVME suddenly not recognized anymore in DIMM.2 M2_2 slot

    Hello good people,
    I have had a working system with 2 NVME installed in DIMM.2 (see my post...
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    1x NVMe OS, 2x NVMe RAID0

    Seems to be possible, see my posting @
  4. 1x NVMe OS, 2x NVMe RAID0

    Hello mirekti, I have managed to configure mine ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme with 1x C drive single NVMe Samsung 960 PRO 2TB with MS Windows 10 Pro OS, D Drive 2x NVMe Samsung EVO 970 2TB on Asus...
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