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  1. Asus G751 JT randomly stops charging

    So I have had problems with this laptop where the battery would only get to 84% and would randomly stop charging and die, so I put a new battery in it. It worked for a few days, and while the 84%...
  2. Questions on installing 850 Evo on Asus G751JT

    So I bought a Samsung Evo 850 500Gb ssd. Is there a step by step guide that would tell me how to do this? I put it in the second bay at first, but some places are saying that I should put it in the...
  3. How to remove stripped 1.5mm screws on Asus G751

    So I stripped the screws on the hdd bays.
    Can someone direct me to where i can find a 1.5mm screw extractor of some sort? Super glue and rubber bands did not help at all.
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