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    great it works again

    its hard to say if windows will ever fix that bug what messes up ASUS gpu tweak 2 I bet ASUS will release a newer version and may fix it first. if windows was to fix anything then I think the only...
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    your fix is uninstall KB4601319 security update issue

    uninstall the KB4601319 security update issue and then pause your updates so it does not reinstall you can thank windows for stopping windows and a ton of other things not running.

    if you can not...
  3. yes KB4601319 broke asus gpu tweak 2.

    yes KB4601319 broke asus gpu tweak 2.

    even if I would open a say notepad the window would close after 5 seconds I did a clean in stall of the OS and different drivers no joy.

    I should have...
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