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  1. Hero Z690 BIOS 1304 NO POST CODE LED?!

    So, I updated the BIOS to 1304 and from out of nowhere the LED post code display is gone! It lights up and does the usual numbers on boot up, but then goes black (also does the reset button and flex...
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    Ryujin 360 header issue?

    So when I plu the 4 pin connector to the AIO header on my Maximus XI is says Fan Error when I start the computer. When I plug it into the CPU Fan header it works. Why is this? What can I do to make...
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    Sticky: Crashes whenever Aura is installed!

    My new build runs beautifully....UNTIL I INSTALL AURA!! I have Asus MoBo, Asus GPU, and Asus Aura Partnership AIO and RAM! I keep getting Blue Screens after I install Aura! I even uninstalled Windows...
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    Maximus XI Hero code 40...?

    MY Maximus Hero XI WiFi keeps showing code 40, but here is the issue......THE MANUAL SAYS NOTHING FOR CODE 40 IN THE CODES LIST! What are your thoughts on this?
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