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  1. Yeah, i solved the problem by using MSi...

    Yeah, i solved the problem by using MSi AfterBurner, got it to work after a hundred reboots maybe :p
    I overclocked my CPU to 4025 MHz.
    But then another problem got up, i chosen to update EZ Update...
  2. Problems with RX 580 STRIX O8G & Ryzen 7 1800X

    (Well, sorry if this is my first post and I didn't make one to talk about myself a little, I promise I'll do one soon)

    I'm here to talk about my seemingly infinite issues, either...
  3. REALTEK HD Audio x Front Panel problems

    Hey guys, first of all, a little OT.

    I'm happy you have accepted me as a part of the ROG Community.

    Now, the important part.

    I recently bought a CrossHair V Formula-Z motherboard.

    I was...
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