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    I can't believe there is no release date for this thing yet. Obviously, there must be some kind of issue. I have been waiting for this announcement for a long time now. They need to hurry up. ...
  2. New PC build, Maximus XI Z390 I9 9900k 32g Ram Wont Wake From Sleep

    I just finished a PC build and its like all legit and new. High end and working great except for one thing, Sleep. It will go to sleep but it will not wake up. I cants use the mouse or keyboard to...
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    RealBench will not finish, just keep going and going.

    I cant get past the OpenGL phase of this app. It just sits on this part for long time. I let it run for 35 mins. I have a new custom build PC and I cant figure this out. I have all latest drivers...
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    RealBench will not finish, just keep going and going.

    I just installed latest version on my new PC build and the thing just keeps running endless. I dont have it set to infinite and I have it all default settings. I have i9 9900k and dual 1080ti...
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    Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro and all Phanteks Glacier devices do not sync or control.

    I have just built my first PC and I went with all Phanteks devices and parts that I could possibly find. I see that I might have made a mistake because I cant control any Phanteks Glacier device...
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