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  1. Â* Â* Hello! I hear the website is back...

    Â* Â*

    Hello! I hear the website is back up! Give it a try.
  2. Ive had the same issue for years now...

    Had the same issue since that update I've been stuck with out being able to switch my RGB on my 2070
  3. Dog water straight DOG WATER!!!

    Im sorry masterC but wtf are you talking about waiting 15-20 mins for it to auto. update it self? why do something like that without the official website stating this????? and for those wandering...
  4. Fix aura creator

    im having the same issue for a few days now! I bricked my pc trying to find the solution lmfao. even with a fresh reinstall of windows 10 and starting fresh & clean PC IM SILL HAVING THE SAME...
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    Same Problem

    Hello everyone, I seem to be having the same issue with aura creator. ever since that new update came out for the RTX lighting kit, my GPU 2070 strix wont show up at all in aura creator. ive talk to...
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