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    Rog maximus x hero m.2 fan holder

    Hey All,

    I have the following MOBO and I am planning on fitting 2x Samsung 980 Pro's as my current SSDs are on there way out. I know I am limited to PCIE3, however I can't currently justify a...
  2. ASUS*ROG MAXIMUS X HERO with Samsung 980 Pro

    Hi All,

    I know this may sound like a stupid question, but can you still fit the PCIE4.0 Samsung 980PRO's to an older Mobo?

    I have the ASUS*ROG MAXIMUS X HERO (WIFI) and wanted to fit the...
  3. ASUS ROG MAXIMUS X Hero extra M2 heatsink

    I've got the following motherboard.

    I see that the comes with M.2 Heatsink for M2_1 but a fan holder for M_2

    What's the best...
  4. Does using NVME and SATA slow things down...

    Does using NVME and SATA slow things down overall?

    I.e. Two SATA SSDs and two NVMEs?
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    Evening, I only need two SATA Ports for 2x...


    I only need two SATA Ports for 2x SSDs (Although I am not fussed if I don't use them anymore, as they were purchased in 2012.)

    I read the following on the website (Where the Manual is...
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    Dual M.2 on ROG MAXIMUS X HERO

    Hi All,

    Currently, have the following specifications.

    My two SSDs have good health but are currently getting on. I want to upgrade for multiple reasons. This MOBO allows dual M.2....
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