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  1. Hi - thanks for the reply. Yes there is an...

    Hi - thanks for the reply.

    Yes there is an install batch file - I've tried right clicking/running as admin but a black dos box appears for a fraction of a second then closes itself - the drivers...
  2. Installation query Version lan drivers

    Hi - noticed there was some new lan drivers for the ROG Maximus Hero X and wondered if anyone knew how to install them?

    I know it sounds like a total noob question but the readme instructions...
  3. Great forum - full of helpful people...!

    Great forum - full of helpful people...!
  4. Question about Spatha mouse charging


    Got a questions about the way the Spatha mouse charges? According to what I've read elsewhere, they say the dock is supposed to pulse in time with the mouse - however, on both of the Spatha...
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    Quest for Metal Spatha Dock Stand

    Hi everyone,

    Just bought a second hand Spatha mouse but it didn't come with the metal base for the dock. Been trying to find one but no luck so far - anyone know anyplace where I might pick one...
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