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  1. the cpu freq stuck at 4.000ghz?

    hi all, i dont know if that just my cooler problem? but i found out dont know when to be honest the cpu freq only stuck at 4.000ghz? i check cpu-z its moving up and down ofcause its an ryzen 5600x....
  2. Sameeeeeee!!!!

    Yoo Bro i can feel you i got the ryujin 360, x570 gero wifi. 5600x still the same problem. only showing 4.000Ghz never go up or down.
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    Ryujin 360 oled screen cpu freq froze?

    Hi there I've just got the 5600x today was upgrad from 2700x after I've install the new cpu the pled screen froze on 4.00ghz everything else works fine but the cpu freq. i've done fresh install...
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