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    Asus Gl551JW Making Weird Noises

    Ever since last night, my Laptop has been starting to make weird noises by the Fan (Despite the fan working normally). I have been trying to figure out what it was and how I could fix it. My only...
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    Asus gl551jm Overheating questions

    (I know this is the 2nd or 3rd post about this topic but im just curious.)

    So, I finally got back to playing on my ASUS ROG GL551JM-DH71. I've noticed that my laptop tends to overheat the...
  3. What size of screwdrivers are needed to disassemble the back of a Asus gl551j?

    So, I do KNOW how to disassemble my laptop. Though, I dont exactly know what the sizes of the screws are and what type of screwdrivers are needed to take apart the bottom of the laptop.
    I've just...
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    GL551 Laptop Overheating?

    So, I have been scouting 50 million forums dedicated to assistance with laptops and see if I can find out why my laptop is overheating and what is the limit that my laptop can take before it dies of...
  5. Guide To Disassembling A ASUS GL551j For Cleaning Out Dust

    So, the title says it all for this post. I've been reading how I can disassemble my ASUS model GL551j so I can get the possible dust that is inside the laptop. Is there some sort of guide or...
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    My Asus GL551J Overheats Quick

    So around the past 2 months ive been noticing that my laptop's temperature has been going up alot more quicker and usually going up to around 60c on the balanced power setting and around 70c-90c on...
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    Cleaning a ASUS GL551j?

    So, I have noticed that my laptop is beginning to build up dust and overheat alot faster. I am curious how I would be able to clean the laptop. Though I will answer a few questions may have:
    1. My...
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    My Asus GL551J Overheats Quick

    So, its been about a year and a half since I got my Asus GL551 (Its quite a good laptop even to this day) and there is something I would like to address and that is my laptop overheating. Usually, I...
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    Tips on keeping GL551j usb ports tight ?

    (I am new to this forum so bear with me)
    So, A few weeks back I ran into a problem where the usb ports were getting REALLY loose so I had my laptop (Which is a GL551j) taken into geek squad to be...
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