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  1. It used to be that flight sims were more...

    It used to be that flight sims were more dependent on the CPU, certainly with FSX. X-Plane hopefully is better in that it can make fuller use of the gfx card.
    It would be very useful to check out...
  2. Selectively enable/disable M.2 drives in the BIOS

    I'm considering building a system comprising AMD X399 and 2950X cpu. My current system allows me to set up profiles in the BIOS which include allowing me to selectively disable/enable various SATA...
  3. I contacted support but haven't heard anything...

    I contacted support but haven't heard anything back. Still wondering if this can be done?
  4. ...gentle nudge ...wondering if the above is...

    ...gentle nudge

    ...wondering if the above is possible, for the reasons mentioned (selectively disable/enable the M.2 using the BIOS) ?
  5. Thanks for the reply. The M.2 boot drive...

    Thanks for the reply.
    The M.2 boot drive unfortunately always appears to be detected (which I don't want), so while I could always boot into the non-M.2 drive I don't wan't that drive to be seen by...
  6. Rampage V Extreme - dual boot - disable m.2 drive

    I have the Rampage V Extreme board (older model, not the newer 10 version).
    I have a number of drives connected and have a dual boot option enabled utilising the overclocking profile setting in...
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    Thanks Chino.

    Thanks Chino.
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    RAID 0 data disks

    I'm looking to link two SATA SSD data disks in RAID 0. The data held will be temporary, and so no great issues if the array breaks down the line. The read/write speeds of the SSD's would be around...
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    Hi Chino, thanks for your reply. To avoid...

    Hi Chino, thanks for your reply.
    To avoid trailing multiple Acronis Backup installs (at this stage), I reset my moderate overclock (to 4GHz via the AI Suite 5-way tuner) back to defaults in the...
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    USB3 issues, USB3 Boost not working

    Hi folks,

    (system based off Rampage V + 5960x, Windows 7 Ultimate)

    Within AI Suite 3 I cannot get USB3 Boost to work:

    The Version tab shows:
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