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  1. Asux X200MA Netbook and exhaust fan behavior

    I have Asus X200MA netbook. I noticed that when I start my netbook (at the moment there's no HDD, it just boots to BIOS) the exhaust fan attached to the motherboard does not spin.

    I want to...
  2. Thanks a lot for the clarity. Appreciate your...

    Thanks a lot for the clarity. Appreciate your input. I certainly learn something new here on this forum every now and then.
  3. What is this brown colored film around CPU - Asus X200MA?

    While I was exploring some laptop motherboards mainly interested in Asus X200MA board, I came across a few photos where a sort of brown colored reflective layer is seen along the Intel mobile...
  4. Why is there this black sheet on X200M notebook motherboard?

    On my Asus X200M notebook, there's this black colored sheet covering the motherboard.
    I am curious what is the purpose of placing such a sheet on top of motherboard?
    Is is some sort of...
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    Sticky: Hello everyone

    This is R. Gangal from India. This is a great forum. Looking forward to learning something new and also contribute on this forum.
    Cheers! Best regards.
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