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  1. I need to buy something like that. I live in a...

    I need to buy something like that. I live in a old nyc apartment were the sockets are not that great. Might as well buy a UPS too.

    Are they sold separately ?
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    Uninterruptible power supply for the G20

    The power in my neighborhood has been not great as of late and I want to get a Uninterruptible power supply for my G20.
    I have the 760 GTX, i7 version. The issue is space since some of the UPS...
  3. ASUS G20 Blank screen on startup. (might need to re-enable intel integrated)

    A few months ago I disabled intel integrated from the display adapters in the device manager since it was causing some issues with certain games . This left only the gtx 760 on. I think that card...
  4. Asus G20: Turns on then shuts off after a second.

    Hello when I hit the power button the fans spin up but then everything shuts off after a second. The PSU seems to be fine, I heard removing the cmos battery or ram and re-inserting them helps...
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