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  1. Perfect

    Thanks mate, will check them out :cool:
  2. Uninstalling AI Suite

    Thank you. Does AI Suite write straight into the BIOS so that I can save it as BIOS profile? Can I then easly uninstall AI Suite and keep the settings? I am asking as I heard about people having...
  3. i7 8700k overclock - AI Suite or BIOS settings?

    Hey guys,

    It's been a while since I overclocked my i7 6850K all manually via ASUS BIOS.

    How shall I now go on with my new 1151 sockel i7 8700K. Does the new BIOS version provide an easy...
  4. Asus ROG STRIX Z390-F GAMING - Cant find drivers online!?

    Hey guys,

    I only found that link to the support and drivers. But non are shown:

    Am i wrong? Where can i download BIOS...
  5. Asus ROG STRIX Z390-F GAMING - missing drivers online?

    Hey guys, i got my pc with my new mb all set up but ASUS won't let me find any drivers for BIOS, chip, LAN etc...

    Am I wrong here?...
  6. oc process

    Thanks mate. Still, is there a way to test if the oc works better? Tweaking the cvore?
  7. ASUS X99 A-II now used with 3 power cables - better chance for overclocking?

    Hi guys,

    I have been running my system with a 6850k for a while now. Today I noticed that I did not attach the 4pin power cable. My system was only power by 8 and 24pin cable.

    How comes my...
  8. Thanks. I am still running a fixed voltage for my...

    Thanks. I am still running a fixed voltage for my 4.4 GHz on my 6850k. I plan to use the adaptive mode instead of fixed manual. What settings do I have to do in bios with my current voltage of 1.35v...
  9. Replies

    Asus Z97 bios downgrade - how?

    I lately updated my bios from 2803 to the latest version. From that on I only had problems and my oc was not stable anymore.

    How do I downgrade my Asus z97-p to 2803?
  10. Would I simply use adaptive mode an enter +1.293?...

    Would I simply use adaptive mode an enter +1.293? Which means under heavy load my core voltage reaches a max of 1.293 voltage?
  11. Correct core voltage setting for flexible core voltage

    Hi guys,

    I am running a 6850K @ 4.0 GHz on a Asus X99 AII. I simply used the XMP profile on the board and left core coltage at auto.
    Right now my core clock is set automatically depending on my...
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    Thanks mate

    Thanks mate
  13. Replies

    AI suite test and easy uninstall?

    Hi guys,

    I want to try using the latest AI suite on my 6850k and see how the software does overclock compared to the manual way. Can I easily uninstall the software or are there known issues on...
  14. GTX 1060 and NVIDIA Quadro P2000 within one system for video editing?

    Hi guys,

    I am currently running a GTX 1060 on my Asus X99 A-II.

    For my monitor I'd like to add a 10 bit graphic card like the nvidia quadro P2000 or P4000. The plan is to use this card to...
  15. What tools do you use to read out that temps?

    What tools do you use to read out that temps?
  16. Vrm

    I will check temps on HWmonitor. What is max temp for VRM?*

    I run a Asus X99-A II which is think is got quite good cooling.
  17. Thanks, Arne. The render process has only been...

    Thanks, Arne.

    The render process has only been active for 5 min. Temps are totally fine around 50s not nearly hitting max like in Prime95.

    By VRM you mean memory? I have 64 GB G.Skill Ripjaws 4...
  18. CPU drops to 1-2% usage while rendering in Premiere Pro CC 2017

    I got my 6850K stable will realbench, Prime etc on 4.4 GHz.

    I am only doing video editing and motion design in After Effects. All pretty heavy CPU processes. I never had a problem editing my...
  19. Performance increase over CPU Strap or BLCK Frequency

    I had a good run through by now with stable results on 4.4. Thanks.

    I was wondering if I can slightly tweak around with CPU strap or BLCK by keeping my core voltage untouched. Do you have any...
  20. Performance decrease

    I read some ppl complaining about a 1000 MB/s loss which is huge. But of course that might have various reasons. I will leave me setup the way it is. The difference to you is that I only use my 960...
  21. New firmware update 2B7QCXE7 released

    samsung just released a new firmware update for its 960 Evo mainly fixing its disappearance after reboots. I heard people complaining about worse performance speed after having updated to 2B7QCXE7....
  22. New firmware update 2B7QCXE7 released

    Samsung just released a new firmware update for its 960 Evo. According to various posts in other forums the update will fix the issue of disappearance of the drive after reboot or changing BIOS...
  23. prime95 unstable

    Thanks again for that quick reply.
  24. prime95 unstable

    I did run a few stress tests including prime95 (28.10) today. Prime95 adds another 7-10 degrees hitting the 80 on one core which I think is a lot. AIDA64 or realbench do keep temps around 65. Also...
  25. Do you ran latest firmware on 960 Evo 1Tb M.2?


    Samsung magician gave me a firmware update notification on my system today. Is it safe to install? Everything works fine now so don't want to mess things up. Any benefits to that update?
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