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  1. Guess I'm just going to restore my last pc backup just for Armoury Crate

    I got an ROG STRIX Arion and wanted to control the lighting. Launched Armoury crate and it didn't show up. No way to make it scan for a new device. I left it alone for 2 months, waiting for updates...
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    Sticky: Anybody use an xbox controller with their PC

    Every time I connect my xbox controller(s) to my PC the lighting service dies and all of my aura-controlled lighting freezes. I have yet to figure that one out. Below is a screencap of the windows...
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    Sticky: My aging but still decent looking/working X370 1800X build

    This might make me a total nerd, but I keep a spreadsheet of my build and what it cost me.


    I am not a rich person and this stuff, although it's old by today's standards, is the most...
  4. I figured it out!

    I went to C:\Program Files (x86)\LightingService after uninstalling the lighting service component and found a 3kb file called LastProfile.xml. I deleted it. I then went to the registry to...
  5. Aura 1.07.71 and earlier versions - Aura service is currently unavailable

    Hi y'all. I'm getting kinda annoyed about this software. I have followed the guides to completely remove it with revouninstaller, I've used the aura cleanup software, I've rebooted like 4000 times,...
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    Sticky: Aura service not installing

    I'm assuming there's supposed to be an aura service entry in the services management console, but I don't see one, even after doing a clean install using instructions from another thread and using...
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