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  1. Asus ROG 14 Zephyrus 2021 laptop with Windows 10 Wifi/ Internet keeps disconnecting

    I updated the Intel Broadband Wifi Drivers... still same problem. it connects then disconnect for 30-40 seconds and then reconnects again... what gives? please help!!!
  2. Zephyrus crashing after optimizing apps

    How to control battery for the new Asus Zephyus laptops? Does the Gamers button config on the top control that? I see it controlling graphics only. Sometimes after optimitmizing some controlled...
  3. how to prevent the Zephyrus launcher from optimizing apps. Keeps crashing if it does

    I have bought the Zephyrus 14 (2020) model from optimizing any of my apps like Chrome or so? It keeps crashing and my chrome browser becomes unresponsive
  4. Have a G14 laptop with AMD Ryzen but which GPU is it using AMD Radeon or Nvdia RTX20

    What Graphic Drivers is it using the AMD Radeon Graphic drivers or Nvdia GTA 2060? How do I update the drivers. Using AMD site or Asus sites?
  5. How to turn off Armoury Crate optimization? It is crashing everything when I try to

    Install anything, .. like Visual Studio or even any applications like PowerBI.. it stops halfway I tried to install Epic Game Launcher and it also stops halfway
  6. What games are good for playing on Asus G14 with the AMD Ryzen 9

    Any recommendations for action games on this laptop or even racing games. How to use the ROG Armoury Crate and what does it do besides settings? thx
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