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  1. Successful Upgrade

    Successfully (without issue) upgraded the vBios of my Asus 3080 OC TUF graphics card performance mode using RTX3080_V5. Nvidia Control Panel shows Resizable Bar enabled.
  2. Draft Guide for Safe Resizable BAR vBios Upgrade

    Ive yet to upgrade the vBios of my Asus 3080 OC TUF GPU for the fear of bricking it. Asus has now posted their 5th version of the vBios update executable. Many people have posted horror stories of...
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    Resizable Bar VBios V4 vs V5

    I haven't updated my 3080 OC TUF card yet. Based on previous posts, pleased I waited. On the Asus site I see a V5 bios update for the card which says that it's for those folks who had issues after...
  4. Asus Strix MB (RESOLVED): Hail Mary on USB Port Power Issue

    I spent a number of additional hours trying to resolve this issue including:

    - reducing hibernation file size
    - loading ASMedia Driver v1.16.26.1
    - loading ASMedia Driver v1.16.41.3
    - Bluetooth...
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    Strix X99 MB Bios OC Broadwell-E Presets

    Need help or better understanding. My system is the Asus Strix X99 MB, Bios 1504, I7-6800k, W10, Samsung 960 m.2 1TB Boot Drive, Corsair Dominator Platinum 3200MHz, EVGA GTX 970, and Corsair H100i...
  6. Successful Samsung 960 m.2 1TB Install

    I purchased and successfully installed a Samsung 960 m.2 1TB drive on my existing system as the boot drive. My system is an Asus Strix X99 Gaming MB, Bios 1504, I7-6800k, W10, 16GB 4x4 Corsair...
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    Suspected AI Suite III Conflicts

    My system is the Asus Strix X99 with the I7-6800K processor, GTX970 and Corsair H100i v2 cooler running W10x64. Had lots of issues trying to successfully run AI Suite III latest and previous...
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    Suspected Conflicts w/AI Suite III

    At least with my system (STRIX X99 W10), I found that AI Suite III conflicts with both Corsair Link & EVGA PrecisionX software. When I removed this software, I no longer got the DIP5 error.
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